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ZG6 Series SF6 Metal Enclosed

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   Under the premise that the national urbanization construction process isaccelerating and urban power grid construction and power supply reliability requirements are improving continuously, urban power grid construction is enlarging the power distribution method by distributed outdoor switch cabinet for looped network. Such regional secondary substation can distribute the power to the user terminal.

   ZG6 series SF6 metal enclosed gas insulation switchgear (C-GIS) is a new generation of small-scale gas insulation product which is designed and development by our company based on assimilating domestic and foreign advanced technologies. The product adopts the effective combination of fixed unit combination mode and flexible expansion mode, which meets the requirements of looped network power distribution or user terminal, and meets the requirements of various secondary substations on compact switch cabinet flexibility.

   ZG6 series switchgear adopts hermetically-sealed structure concept and modular design. All live parts are placed in the sealed stainless steel housing without being affected by external environment to ensure high reliability and safety requirements. In addition, factorization automation solutions should be configu red to achieve intelligent control.

   ZG6 series switchgear can integrate l-5 unit return circuits in one cabinet;the scheme can be freely combined and the nonsegregated cabinets can be freely combined according to the customer requirements, reflecting the advantage of flexible expanding.

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Ambient air temperature: -40-45℃ , Average temperature in 24h ≤35℃;

Altitude: 3000m (specifically noted when the equipment operation altitude exceeds lOOOm);

Ambient humidity: Daily average value<95% 

            Monthly average value<90%;                  

Electromagnetic interference: The amplitude of electromagnetic interference in the secondary system ≤16.kV;

Seismic intensity: 8-degree;

Installation environment: ambient air has no explosive and corrosive gases; the installation place has no severe shock; the pollution

class is no more than Class Ⅲ specified in GB/T5582.

Please consult with the company for customization if beyond above use environmental conditions.